When You Visit a Casino You are being Watched


Casinos can’t afford to lose very much or very often. They are designed to rake in money and make use of every possible trick to maintain their advantage over players. From the casino’s perspective, the idea is to make sure that customers win every once in awhile, just not too often. Surveillance is one way that casinos keep track of their customers and maximize their edge. The cameras zero in on who’s winning, and they document any illegal systems or schemes that players come up with.

If you are cheating, they know it

Never think that you can get away with cheating at a casino. The employees that are watching you have the experience to figure out what players are up to based on how they hold their cards, what they do with their hands, where they look, and so on. Whenever someone hits a jackpot in slots, for example, there is no payoff until the machine has been thoroughly checked over to make sure that it hasn’t been tampered with.

Your behavior mirrors your intentions

Most people who play slots keep their eyes glued on the machine and hardly look up. It is therefore suspicious when a player constantly glances around; such “rubbernecking” may cause casino officials to worry that he or she is nervous about being caught while trying to cheat the machine.

Suddenly raising the stakes

Players’ betting patterns can also reveal when they are cheating. Suppose, for instance, that you have been putting up $100 or so per hand for a while and then suddenly make a $2000 bet. Casinos will conclude, not that you have heard a divine voice telling you that this is your moment to win, but that you are the recipient of insider information. Suspicions like this can get you thrown out and even blacklisted.

Casinos keep records of untrustworthy customers, and though legally they cannot bar people from entering their establishments, they can use surveillance to make sure that there is no opportunity to get one over on the house.

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